The Rest of the Organization Follows and Leads

Chapter 2  Pages 40-41  From: Lead With Love By:  Gerry Czarnecki
The non-CEO leaders do not set the vision, strategy, or corporate goals, but they do lead their associates to complete objectives in the work unit. That type of leadership requires helping associates focus on accomplishing tasks and achieving results. Getting the work done within established objectives of quality, cost, and time is the true measure of a leader’s success.
Looking back at chapter 1, keep in mind that it is your associates who will be getting direction from you as to the expectations. How you communicate these must be from a position of love of them. If they sense that this is for your benefit only, they will never hear what those expectations are, let alone understand them. 
In creating a meaningful set of expectations, a leader must keep in mind that the expectations must match the enterprise’s goals, and these goals must be within the unit’s range of responsibility. Waste no time dreaming about how the world could be better “if only.” Instead, focus on achieving those expectations that reward the organization with peak performance. Set expectations for, or with, your associates that meet the mission of the unit. If you love your associates, that is the only fair thing for them. Letting them hear from you that you believe the expectations are the wrong ones will be devastating to their success and, in turn, to yours.
In addition, setting expectations requires constant diligence. Goals set today may not be enough. New technology or other changes in our fast-paced world may mean that next month or next quarter the unit will face another change in expectations. Hence, working  at expectations is not a one-time event.

When setting expectations, seven key components will help you achieve peak performance:

1. Simplicity

2. Specificity

3. Measurability

4. Buy-in

5. Team commitment to common expectations

6. Self-interest

7. Raising the bar

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