Chapter 2 Pg’s 48-50 Lead With Love By: Gerry Czarnecki

The issue of “buy-in,” or assent, has been a hot topic in business for many years. Your success is largely dependent on how well you get that buy-in, but it is also important not to waste your time. Any idea that you take to your staff will almost always meet with some resistance. You need to be ready for that. Also be prepared for the possibility that, no matter what you say, no matter how persuasive you and others may be, you will not get agreement from every member of the staff to a new idea or a new expectation. You may want agreement, but you should be prepared to settle for less than 100 percent buy-in. Think about the process this way:

 1. Understanding is when associates have no questions about the expectation. They know what it is, what it means, what they are expected to do, and what it will take to achieve results that meet the expectation.

 2. Acceptance is when staff members have concluded that an expectation can be used to determine success and that you and the organization have the right to establish the expectation. They will not fight the expectation and will work to meet it.

 3. Agreement is when staff members understand, accept, and also agree with the expectation. In short, they believe it is the correct measure of performance.

 No doubt, the ideal level of buy-in is agreement, but if you only get acceptance, take it and move on. What you have gotten is recognition that the expectation works, even though the staff members would not have chosen it. In the long run, if the expectation is fair, staff members will probably begin to agree. Save your powers of persuasion for another day and another issue.

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