Great Teams Have Common Expectations of Members

Chapter 2 Pg 50 By: Gerry Czarnecki

As a leader you must communicate yet another type of expectation to your associates—what you expect of them as members of the organization. You must make certain each person in your organization knows what the rules are for being part of the team. These rules could be as simple as “be at work on time every day” or as complex as “we expect every person to hit a specific quality standard for output, a certain volume standard for productivity, and a certain cleanliness standard at the workstation.”

It is essential that all team members remember this: a team works together, and individuals must bend to the team’s benefit. Norm Augustine talks about working for the good of the team: “Teamwork is the fabric of effective business organizations. Soloists are inspiring in opera and perhaps even in small entrepreneurial ventures, but there is no place for them in large corporations. This is most assuredly not to say there is no place for the individualist, only that it is necessary for members of the team to be willing to suppress individual desires for the overall good of the team.”

 Team rules could include clear statements of expectations about integrity, courtesy, team participation, safety, and a host of other traits that set the tone for everyday activity. Associates need to know how you expect them to deal with conflict, what you expect from group discussions, or how you expect them to share feedback with each other. In short, they need to know how you expect the team to work together as a work unit.

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