Set Expectations for Your Life and Career

Chapter 2 Pg 54-55 Lead With Love  By: Gerry Czarnecki

Personal goal setting is an arduous task and one that is seldom completed. Our life plans are really a work in progress. Many of us at an early age were led, generally in a very sincere and loving way, by goals our parents believed would be best for us. However, along with goals must come the desire to achieve them. Only you can set your personal goals, and they must be a priority for you or they will end up being discarded scraps of paper tossed to the wind.


For some, an obsessive focus on a specific goal is the ticket to success and happiness. To others, obsessive focus, without the flexibility to respond to opportunity and changing personal conditions, is a ticket to frustration. Which applies to you may be a critical question; however, seldom does peak performance—hence, peak career success—occur without an almost obsessive focus on goals the person has set. Reading the biographies of truly remarkable achievers will send one clear message to all who are willing to listen: commitment drives achievement. Make your goals your greatest priority and they will become your greatest joy. If your goals cannot command this level of focus and commitment, then you may have the wrong goals.


Remember, you must always be certain your goals are aligned with those of your organization and, if possible, with those of your boss. Alignment is essential because you cannot afford to go down a path that is out of step with your organization’s focus. If you want to be an engineer and you work for an accounting firm, goal congruence will be difficult. If you want to be a CPA (certified public accountant) in the same firm, it is likely you will find goal congruence and even organizational support for your goals. If you are caught in this conflict, solve it. Make certain your job supports your goals. If it  does not, change jobs. Your long-term goals must be a priority.

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