Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor, and Make Certain There Is Love

Chapter 4 pg’s 114-115 Lead With Love By: Gerry Czarnecki

The value of mentoring cannot be overstated. Some of my most important learning came from a mentor. One in particular, who happened along at the start of my corporate career, was critical to helping me find my way. He gave me tough jobs, tough advice, tough critiques, and tough rules, but he was kind, warm, and caring. He loved me, and I knew it. He was there when I needed him and was  silent when it was best for me to work through the issue on my own. I could ask him for advice, I could argue with him, or I could simply sit and listen while he shared his philosophy of leadership and life. I did

not always agree with him; I did not always like what he said; I did not always agree with what he did; but I always loved him as my mentor. He found a way to cover for me when I made my mistakes. He protected me while at the same time helping me to learn how I could avoid repeating the same mistake. He influenced me and helped me to grow at a rate much faster than I had grown on my own. He pushed me to achieve more than I ever dreamed possible.

 I was lucky that my mentor found me, and I made a promise to myself that, whenever I had the chance, I would do for others what he did for me. I never really looked for somebody to mentor; I simply kept my eyes open for unique talent worth investing in.  Mentoring takes more than time. I knew my mentor had given a great deal of himself to help me, and I wanted to be certain his investment in me would enable me to help others fulfill their true potential.

 Being a mentor is not just psychologically rewarding, it is an enormous growth opportunity as well. When you choose to help another, you will be amazed at how much you learn from your mentee. In the beginning, the relationship that develops is like that of a parent and child, but as the relationship matures, its nature changes until ultimately it is that of adult and adult. When you arrive at this mature stage, you discover the greatest learning occurs for you both. In addition, knowing you have had a material impact on the life of a truly gifted person is rewarding. Continue to search for new mentees and you will be richly rewarded as well.

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