Evaluation Is Hard Work; With Love It Might Be Less Stressful

 Chapter 5 Pg’s 119-120 Lead With Love By: Gerry Czarnecki

We have returned to the principle of love many times. However, nowhere is this concept more important than in evaluation, which is often the most personally challenging and potentially painful aspect of being a leader. Nothing you do can be more helpful or damaging to your associates. Do evaluations well and they can be exhilarating for you and your team. Do them poorly and they can be devastating for both. No wonder this step in the ten LEADERSHIP principles is so frequently avoided.

 For many leaders, performing evaluations is one of their least enjoyable tasks. Why do so many dislike it? You may say you only have a problem giving evaluations when people are not doing the job. If that is true, then assuming that only 10 percent or so of associates are failures, does that mean that 90 percent of the time you like doing them? In fact, giving performance reviews to outstanding performers can be just as hard as giving performance reviews to unsatisfactory performers. The truth is they are very hard work.

 Ironically, we ourselves want to receive meaningful and timely performance reviews. #is is especially true if we think we have done a great job. You would think if it is personally desirable for us to get feedback, then we should want to offer feedback to our associates. Yet the evidence is clear; most leaders would rather work three shifts in a row than have a single negative feedback session with a subordinate.

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