Have Others Who Love You Give You Feedback

Chapter 5  Pg 139  Lead With Love By Gerry Czarnecki

Once you have given yourself a thorough look, you should then begin the painful process of asking others around you for feedback. If your organization has a 360-degree system, that will help, but what you really want is for peers and subordinates alike to feel comfortable enough with you to tell you what they perceive as your strengths and weaknesses. However, you must be ready for almost any comments. Some will tell you only, “You’re great.” Others will tell you only what they know you want to hear. Still others will hint in some small way about a weakness, saying it is really nothing significant. Some will flatten you with criticism. Try to be calm and receptive. Of course, if one of your weaknesses is that you cannot accept criticism, then that will be very difficult.

 Feedback from associates and peers can have as much, if not more, significance than your boss’s feedback. If you are doing a good job in your current assignment, you are likely to get positive feedback from your boss. If, however, you are doing a great job at the expense of your relationships with peers or associates, you might be creating an environment where your current boss thinks you are great and everybody else in the organization is unhappy with you.

Keep in mind, you must carefully choose which colleagues from whom to request feedback. Getting a friend to tell you what you want to hear may feed your ego, but it will not help you focus on those areas you should be addressing. Also, asking people who do not know your boss’s expectations, no matter how objective they might be, may lead you to erroneous conclusions, no matter how sincere the feedback.

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