Focus on Your Weaknesses

Chapter 5 Pg 104 Lead With Love By:  Gerry Czarnecki

Every self-help book advises you to be a positive thinker. It’s true; we need to always feel good about ourselves. The fact is, however, our self-concept can be great, and we can be ineffective. I recall one leader with enormously positive self-esteem who achieved significant stature in his organization. The problem: he saw no faults in himself and only weaknesses in the people around him. He trusted no one and loved no one. Worse still, nobody could get close enough to him to tell him what he needed to hear. Eventually, both he and the company failed. To this day, he denies he failed, pointing rather to circumstances that he insists caused the failure. But he did fail. His ability to lead was impaired by his inability to love his associates and be realistic about himself.

 Keep your positive self-esteem, but recognize that everybody can improve. Recognize your strengths and be certain you continue to behave in ways that maximize the impact of those strengths on yourself and your associates. However, focus also on those areas where you need improvement. This is positive, not negative, thinking. You’re thought process must be, “I am good today, and I am going to be better tomorrow. I am positive that I will improve!”


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