Cash Always Has a Benefit, but Less Than You May Realize/ Catch Them Doing Something Right Financial

Chapter 6 Pg’s 152-155 Lead With Love By: Gerry Czarnecki

rewards are positive behavior reinforcements. In fact, most leaders consider cash to be king. Every survey ever done by researchers has financial rewards as a useful factor, but virtually no surveys provide conclusive evidence that financial rewards are the most important. When you look to reward associates, you will always have financial rewards in your quiver, but it cannot be the only arrow.

 That said, never ignore financial rewards. They matter, and they should be used when appropriate. When you housebreak a pet, the training key is to reward, or punish, behavior quickly. In the same way, you must catch your associates doing something right and reward them for it quickly. They, too, will remember the correct action a great deal better if the reward is on the spot, rather than substantially delayed.

 The same goes for errors. It makes no sense to give an admonishment six months later. Do it immediately. The time to reward that behavior, right then and there. If a sloppy worker does a particularly good job of cleaning up his workstation, reward him immediately. If a secretary you have coached about a lack of persistence finds a document she has been searching for days to find, give her a reward right then. If a salesperson closes a sale he needed in order to make his goal for the month, reward him. In every respect, catch your associates doing something right and reward them for it immediately. You will be amazed at the impact.

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