Chapter 7 Pg’s 173-174 Lead With Love By Gerry Czarnecki

 The role of the leader, at any level in an organization, is to energize and focus the staff toward achieving goals. Every leader must have the ability to connect with the staff and to lead them to results. The principles defined in the chapters on expectations, assignment, development, evaluation, and rewards all focus on the people who are being led.

In this chapter, we have focused on the systems that are required to support that leadership. Even the best “leader” in the world of work will not be successful in achieving peak performance if he or she does not have the systems in place to assure the success. Leadership is a necessary condition for success; it is not a sufficient condition.

Many leaders of large organizations, including political entities, even countries, frequently forget this and find themselves energizing and developing great strategies, only to find they fail because the energized cannot execute. Great leadership, combined with effective systems and process management principles, enables the leader to deliver on the vision. Without these, the vision, and the passion to achieve, will be an unfulfilled dream. Systems are intended to make work run more smoothly and efficiently, with less effort and less chance of error. They need to be constantly checked against actual work achievement, as well as updated and maintained to assure they are relevant and current. A calendar that isn’t updated with new appointments and deadlines is ineffective as a system of time management; likewise, a database of client and vendor contact information is ineffective if changes and additions are not entered on an ongoing basis. No matter how well an automated system functions, it does not allow an individual to function on autopilot. If autopilot were an option, then a human would not be required to do the job.

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