For the manager who are ready to become true leaders and lead with love and to the employees who want to find out how to be lead with love. 
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At a time when our society is going through a cultural metamorphosis and leadership is critical to the success of our way of life, Gerry Czarnecki     has produced his perfectly timed message in his most recent book- “Lead with Love”.
While using down to earth language and highlighting human emotions we all share “Lead with Love” engages managers at all levels to achieve peak performance by understanding and welcoming a new vision of leadership required to lead the many “generations” in the work force.
Gerry Czarnecki         zooms-in on the various generations, and addresses their need for engagement, personal interest and enjoyment in their work place. By showing managers how to lead with love, and validating the need of employees to be lead with love. Czarnecki has pieced together what might be the first vision of leadership to energize all associates to achieve desired organizational peak performance while each individual achievs personal satisfaction and success.
While laying out 10 key leadership principles Czarnecki starts with demanding from leaders “Love” for all associates. He emphasizes that “liking” your associates can hurt your mission, but the true act of “loving” forces the leader to think beyond the personal relationship and to focus on the human being and the linkage of that human to the goals of the organizational. Starting with Love lays the foundation for a deep discussion of leadership actions, and he bookends the unique and potentially controversial concept of Love and ends with another emotion…“Passion.” This core Principle underscores the need for an emotional connection with the organization’s mission, vision and values and the clear need for he leader to have that high level of passionate commitment to being a Leader who truly Loves his associates and his organization.
“Lead with Love” will make every manager at any level re-think their approach to not only leading their own group, but interacting with anyone else in their organization… and beyond those bounds. More than that, it will make every employee know what they should expect from a boss and how they can become one who knows how to achieve peak performance by applying the principles of Lead with Love.

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