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 Lead with Love

 By Gerry Czarnecki

“Managers are a dime a dozen, but leaders are priceless.  Teaching principles as solid as setting expectations, and as radical as understanding love, Gerry Czarnecki’s 10 Principles in Lead with Love, put the leader’s focus where it belongs–on finding, developing, and rewarding teams of outstanding performers.  Any manager aspiring to superior leadership would be wise to study Gerry’s advice.”

H. Wayne Huizenga, Chairman, Huizenga Holdings 

“In Lead with Love, Gerry Czarnecki shows us how to achieve our human potential and elevate our lives, and the lives of those around us. His 10 Principles support his vision of helping all associate to achieve their dreams. Gerry eloquently argues that individuals and organizations achieve peak performance only when the leaders reach inside their souls to lead with the first principle of Love.  He will Wow your souls.”

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and America’s Ambassador of Possibility

Lead with Love is unlike any book on leadership and management I have ever read.  It is extremely practical.  A remarkable book.”

Donald Humphreys, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Exxon/Mobil Corporation 

“A gutsy book.  Gerry Czarnecki has spoken honestly about responsibilities and motivations at work in a way that no one has done before.  Lead with Love should be read by anyone interested in management and organization.”

Professor Howard Thomas, Dean, Warwick Business School 

Lead with Love is an engaging and thought-provoking book.  A cogent treatment of a very important topic.”

David Heenan, Author, Flight Capital and Double Lives

“Lead with Love is a unique book from a remarkable individual. Gerry Czarnecki’s insights are priceless if you want to achieve peak performance in business and in life.  Lead with Love will help all who read it understand the power of people-centric leadership in achieving extraordinary results. I highly recommend this book.”


Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO AT&T Mobility And Consumer Markets

“Leaders often forget that it’s all about putting people first.  Lead with Love starts the exploration with that message, and ends by demonstrating the importance of passion in effective leadership. Gerry provides a roadmap for living it.

Graham Spanier, President, Pennsylvania State University

“In today’s age of “management science,” leadership too often takes a back seat to organizational metrics, systems and structures.  However, Gerry Czarnecki’s powerful new book, Lead with Love, strongly reminds us the leadership imbued with love of one’s colleagues is the real difference maker in building high performing organizations.  If you are a CEO, an aspiring leader or a manager of people in any part of an organization and haven’t already read Czarnecki’s work, this is a terrific place to start!”


Sean C. Rush, President & CEO, JA Worldwide

“The timely and inspiring message of Lead with Love is not that we can lift ourselves, but rather that what we do can lift people who make organizations achieve peak performance.”

Merrill (Tony) McPeak. General Merrill A. McPeak (Ret.)Chief of Staff, US Air Force, 1990-94



“A MUST read for today’s leaders, Gerry Czarnecki starts the book with the concept of Love and ends the book talking about Passion. These two words act as bookends for the power of the full 10 leadership principles contained in the book. No organization should lead without it!”

Bill Reicherter, Founder & CEO B R Signs, Inc. & IS Franchising 4 You?

“The timely and inspiring message of Lead with Love is not just that we can lift ourselves, but is all about what we can, indeed must, do to lift people who work to do their part to help organizations achieve peak performance.”

Mike Davidson, Chief Agency and Marketing Officer, State Farm Insurance Companies.

“I found the ideas and strategies in Gerry Czarnecki’s Lead with Love to be just as useful in my volunteer work as the board chair of a non-profit charity as it was in my professional work as a corporate executive.  Everyone can find someplace in their lives where these concepts will help them improve themselves and the organizations they work in and care about.”

Jeanne Connelly, Connelly Consulting LLC

“I couldn’t put Gerry Czarnecki’s new book Lead with Love down on I started turn its pages. From the first to the last page its filled with insights and principals designed to improve its readers leadership and management skills — and yes the bottom line results. Gerry shows clearly one can maintain your integrity and principals and still thrive in this very competitive global economy. This book should be required reading of every University MBA program in the country.”

James DiGeorgia, Editor and Publisher, Gold and Energy Advisor

“Finally, in Lead With Love, we have a book on leadership that is practical and down-to-earth and is based on common sense.    It is a “how-to” explanation that is applicable to leaders of all kinds at all levels.  I wish I had read this 40 years ago.”

Jay Stone, Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates, Inc.

“In his own down to earth style, in Lead with Love, Gerry Czarnecki walks us through the concept of, ‘What’s love got to do with it?’   He draws important distinctions like, comfort doesn’t equal love and loving leaders still need direction and focus to succeed.  With actionable scenarios and thought provoking leadership tips, this is an enjoyable guide to successful leadership.”

Jacqueline Townsend Konstanturos, Founder The Townsend Agency, CEO Restorative Remedies, LLC

“I have seen Gerry Czarnecki in action offering his wise insights and keen advice to top business executives. What an opportunity this book, Lead with Love, now offers readers to draw upon his inimitable guidance on being a leader.”

James Kristie, Editor, Directors & Boards



“At a time when leadership is critical to the success of our way of life, Gerry Czarnecki has produced another of his books on what it takes to be a leader.  This new book focuses on what leaders must do, not who they are.  This book provides a solid, practical basis for executing leadership as well as management.  If you have an organization, a vision, a mission, and a set of values and you stop one day and look behind you…and no one is there, then you need to read Lead with Love as soon as possible.  Don’t let the word “love” scare you.  It could save your organization.”

Mike Greene, President, Video Dynamics Corporation


“Gerry Czarnecki’s Lead with Love, is destined to generate a new genre of “How To” management books.  Using language everyone understands and highlighting human emotions we all share, Mr. Czarnecki teaches competent Managers how to become effective Leaders.  Lead with Love should be mandatory reading in every MBA program curriculum.”

Carlos A. Rodriguez, President & CEO, Rodriguez & Co., Political/Public Affairs Consulting


“I served with Gerry on the board of an early stage company for three years.  I witnessed him apply the concepts of Lead with Love and the impact it had on the success of this entity.  The book provides a pathway to what it truly takes to be a great leader.  He has emulated these truths and the impact was felt in many ways.”

Richard Kohr, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Evergreen Capital LLC

“Gerry Czarnecki has keen insight and a wealth of leadership experience that he brings to his latest book “Lead with Love.”  It’s a worthwhile read for anyone in a leadership position, or aspiring to take on a leadership role.”

Ed Galante, Senior Vice President (Retired), Exxon Mobil Corporation

“Gerry Czarnecki’s concept of loving your associates is a powerful one for managers at any level of an organization from CEO to foreman.  This book can be a useful guide for a successful career.”

Walter Loewenstern, Co-founder ROLM Corporation.

“We often hear that an organization’s most important asset is its employees – often referred to as the human factor. This book unlike any other helped me realize how to elevate my leadership skills by first leading with “love” while still driving for results.  This is a must read for anyone who is looking to take their organization to the next level.”

Rich Guidotti, Vice President & General Manager, AT&T

“Gerry Czarnecki’s provocative message will challenge many of your most frequently held beliefs. This book provides candid, practical insight and advice on managing for results at firms of any size from an experienced leader.”

Charles J Thayer, Chairman, Chartwell Capital Ltd

“When we inspire goodness, truth, and beauty we accomplish greatness. Lead with Love shows how these noble values, shaped by a commitment to Love, convert ordinary existences into lives of unforgettable meaning and worth.”

David Mathison: Publisher, BE THE MEDIA


“Gerry is an experienced and effective leader, who provides his skill and expertise through his insightful and thought provoking book, Lead with Love. This book is a must read for anyone who desires to successfully lead others.”

Charles Brummell, Managing Director, Fox Court Associates, LLC


“Just when you think that no one can possibly write anything new and enlightening on management philosophy, Gerry Czarnecki has wonderfully pieced together his personal experiences and some generally accepted (but rarely consistently practices) principles into a powerful, thought-provoking set of principles on leadership of any group.  The focal point, leading with love, should cause every manager to fundamentally re-think his/her approach to not only leading his/her own group, but interacting with anyone else in their organization … and beyond those bounds as well.’

Fred Portner, Chief Financial Officer, Best Tech Brands LLC



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